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Supporting diversity, pride, and inclusion in the world.

As an organization that strongly supports the LGBT community, pride, and more we will work to bring lesbians, gay-men, bisexuals, transgender individuals and allies together to educate the world on issues important to the LGBT community, commemorate our heritage, celebrate our culture and strive for equality.

Thank you for your support!

When I first came out, it was to my friend group. They were all very supportive. Working on telling family by showing them the pride flag I bought a couple days ago. Hopefully around Christmas!

Jane (USA)

When I came out to my aunt, I told her, "I’m gay!” then burst into tears. She told me that she accepted me and still loved me, which I was glad to hear. I bought a rainbow flag for myself and have it hanging in my room.

Henry (USA)

When I came out, my mom was on the topic of LGBTQ+ and I said "I’m not 100% straight." She told me that she realized it after a while and that said that she still loved me. I cried of happiness to her. 

Cody (USA)