Coming Out as Transgender Male

I came out as Transgender Male (FTM) on June 22, 2022. Friends and extended family were super pumped and proud of me for learning that I had accepted who I am and to be so open about my identity so I can educate and be patient while those around me got used to my chosen name, new pronouns, and seeing me express myself in a new way. Some people in my life didn't accept me, but I didn't come out for them. I came out for me. I was brave enough and strong enough to share my identity with the world, and I am brave and strong every day. Life is never easy for anyone, me included, but being able to be myself has been so freeing! Being able to, and not scared, has helped me become my courageous self again, just like I was when I was a child...a talkative and energetic self, not worried about others' thoughts and opinions, because everyone has an opinion. I chose to come out into a world that has both endless possibilities and at times struggles. But I can finally look in the mirror and recognize who is looking back at me! I'm beautifully and wonderfully made. I am a work in progress, and each day is work, but each day is worth it!
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